Wicked Strong has a unique line of paving and industrial materials for your job-cleanup needs. From solvents to release agents, Wicked Strong has you covered!


Solvitall ATR

Wicked Strong Solvitall ATR is a bio-based asphalt & tar remover formulated to remove bitumen-based materials on shovels, rakes, lutes, pavers, paving equipment, truck beds, hot-patch trucks, tanks, rollers, chutes, engines & more.


ReleaseME ARA

Wicked Strong ReleaseME ARA is a bio-based release agent that can be used with a dilution of 20:1 to 100:1 for rollers, shovels, lutes, paving equipment, truck beds, rakes, chutes & more. 


POwah Wash

Wicked Strong Powah Wash 810 is a power wash detergent that can be diluted up to 40:1 for heavy-duty cleaning projects on most metal, painted, plastic or concrete surfaces.



Wicked Strong's Solvitall is a general-purpose, non-volatile, and non-petroleum solvent cleaner. It removes oil, grease, tar, asphalt, tape residues, resins, tree sap and cosmetics from hard and soft solvent-safe surfaces.