Wicked Strong is tough on grime, easy on the environment.

Our Story

Like many great things, the discovery of our Wicked Strong formula was accidental. 

Wicked Strong Products are created at Maine Standard Biofuels, our biorefinery located in Portland, Maine. A major goal of Maine Standard Biofuels is environmental sustainability. That's why we push so hard to find zero-waste solutions for our facility. Wicked Strong is an accidental answer to our byproduct usage. 

There was a small spill of the byproduct in our facility, after a small panic, we began mopping up the mess. It turns out, it was not a mess at all, but instead a super-concentrated, environmentally-friendly cleaning solution! Wicked Strong was born.

We began to play with formulas, and experiment in kitchens, finally we had perfected our ecologically-minded, non-toxic formula that we use today for all heavy-duty cleaning needs. From paving release agents to dish soap, Wicked Strong can do it all!